Job Centre Plus

The Sector: Public Sector

The Location: Ashford, Kent.

The Project: The refurbishment of existing Job Centre.

The Duration: 26 weeks

The Works:

The works including the design, supply and installation of VRV comfort cooling heating systems, mechanical ventilation, modifications to existing building services and the installation of an intelligent control system.

The Challenges:

The building had limited ceiling voids. The services within the void had to be carefully designed to ensure clashers with electrical services were avoided whilst the shallow ceiling void was maintained. Shallow yet wide rectangular ductwork was designed and installed to ensure pressure drops were kept to a minimum and within the limitations of the heat recovery units.

New openings were required to be made in the building structure. Existing Low pressure hot water pipework was required to be relocated to permit the installation of door in the new openings. Due to the size and age of the pipework, liquid nitrogen freezes were applied to the pipes to enable safe isolation and subsequent diversion of the existing pipework.

The Result:

The works were completed on time and within budget.