We develop longstanding partnerships with leading businesses in commercial, industrial, retail, healthcare and leisure sectors – creating and maintaining a diverse mix of properties. By taking the time to understand our clients’ needs, we combine strategic thought with dynamic edge to help organisations improve the standards, increase efficiencies, lower costs and grow.


Equipped to cater for heavy-duty requirements, BSML can provide design services, installations, maintenance plans and specialist projects for every type of industrial property – from single units to warehouses and large open aircraft hangars. It’s said that downtime costs most factories somewhere between 5% and 20% of their productive capacity, but whether you require reactive or proactive maintenance services, our talented team will ensure serviceability, extend asset life and minimise the need for interruptions.

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Public Sector

From schools to hospitals, job centres, government offices and leisure centres, BSML understands the need to meet budgetary constraints whilst embracing rapidly evolving technologies. By working closely with you to develop a bespoke facilities management plan, our dedicated team will deliver the best quality services to make public sector buildings safer, greener, healthier and more efficient.

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Designed with exceptional customer experience in mind, our retail design, installation and maintenance services can ensure your properties have dependable support in place. Whether you would prefer a reactive approach with individual services or fully integrated solutions customised to your specifications, we can ensure your store is safe, clean and professional with robust security in place –helping your staff enhance customer engagement, boost conversions and inspire loyalty.

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Every office or commercial property is unique, as is every business, but BSML will always work closely with you to understand your systems, equipment, people, and processes to enable your company to perform at its peak. In creating and maintaining a well-presented, professional and healthy working environment for your employees and visitors, we’re able to play a pivotal role in improving business continuity.

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As one of the most fast-paced, ever-evolving sectors, high standards are not merely beneficial in healthcare; they’re essential. Looking after your buildings and people, BSML can deliver a huge range of services with affordability and sustainability in mind. From improving the patient experience to guaranteeing compliance and driving efficiency, our highly skilled team can deliver the perfect blend of hard and soft FM services, all in one integrated solution.

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From design to construction, refurbishment and fit-out, our team is well versed in designing and implementing visionary solutions that suit the needs of people-focused businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, transportation companies, tourism agencies and event suppliers. Through flawless delivery, quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, we cover the full scope of building services, including mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as HVAC, plant maintenance, fit-outs and refurbishments.

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